Map of the vintages

The cognac region is the meeting point of a micro climate and a wide range of soils, the fruit of a joining of land and sea.  It is divided into 6 distinct vintages of “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” depending on the quality of the soil.  This allows there to be a wide diversity and high quality of vineyards.

Grande Champagne

Seguinot’s vineyard is grown for Grande Champagne which makes up, with Petite Champagne, the first growth (premier cru):  champagne.  This growth has the advantage of being composed of sediments, it is rich and fertile with an optimum level of humidity.  This is land that has no fear of drought, it acts like a sponge:  when summer and dryness arrive, the water evaporates slowly.  Seguinot cognac, exclusively produced from this growth, is recognised as being delicate and light with aromatic, floral notes. Seguinot’s cellar master decides on the ageing period which will allow the Grande Champagne cognac to fully develop its aromas.


The Borderies are in the north eastern part of the region.  They are the smallest cognac appellation.  The land in the Borderies are distinctive in being composed of flint.  Cognac from this area has sweet aromas.

Fins Bois

Following this come the Fins Bois, forming a ring around Champagne and the Borderies.  The soil of the Fins Bois is largely devoid of calcium.  It is rich and fertile, with a red hue.  The Fins Bois produce eaux-de-vie which are balanced, sweet and which do not necessarily require to be aged for a long time.  You can also detect notes of freshly pressed grapes in the Fins Bois cognac.

Bons Bois

The Bons Bois are the link between land which is near to the ocean and that which is inland.  Because of this, particles of sand can be found due to the erosion of the mountain areas.  Vineyards intertwine with the livestock fields and with oak and chestnut forests. 

Bois ordinaires

The last cognac appellation is that of the Bois Ordinaires.  The special feature of this is that the soil is mainly composed of sand.  These are ocean lands, running along the seashore of Charente Maritime, facing the Ile de Ré and the Ile d’Oléron.  Cognac from Bois Ordinaires ages quickly and has a unique earthy taste.